NAIDOC 2024 with Oz Sticker Printing

NAIDOC 2024 with Oz Sticker Printing

This years NAIDOC theme is all about Keeping the Fire Burning. Oz Sticker Printer have worked with me to create these holographic stickers we will release during NAIDOC week. 

This is my first time using Oz Sticker Printing, we are really picky about our sticker manufacturers. As you know we do alot of research and trialling of different companies to try to find the best product, and keep it affordable for you mob.  

These stickers are our first holographic sticker and I am in love. They are so deadly, so sturdy so strong. I'm super impressed by the quality. I've had to hide these because nan keeps stealing them to stick everywhere. 

Thank you so much Oz Sticker Printing for helping us in creating these deadly stickers! I can't wait to see them out and about in the community! 


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