How do you support community?

'Profiting' off my culture has always been something that makes me uncomfortable. For each large collection a certain amount from sales, will be donated to a charity of Little Butten's choice that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. You can follow our Instagram for regular updates on this. 

Refund and Return Policies

Little Butten does not currently offer any refunds or exchanges. Please view our policies in the FAQs tab for more information. 

My item was damaged in the mail

Please contact us at LittleButten@gmail.com with photos , Little Butten will replace any items damaged in shipping or offer a refund if appropriate. 

Are you eco-friendly?

Being environmentally conscious is very important for Little Butten, however as a small business this can be hard to do so we are still working on it. For packing, we aim to limit the plastic as much as possible. We use natureflex for our 'cellophane' bags and use hero packaging! Which are both home compostable.