Artist Portfolio

Name: Bree Buttenshaw

Artist Alias: Little Butten 

Mob: Kalkadoon woman living on  Quandamooka Country 

Art mediums: Digital art, murals and acrylic paint. 


About Little Butten

Bree Buttenshaw, under the artist pseudonym of Little Butten is a talented digital artist who integrates her proud Aboriginal culture with a contemporary digital approach. 

Artistic Journey and Style:

Bree began painting since she was young, supported by her family in whatever new creative hobby she took interest in. From candle making to mosaics, Bree and her family have probably tried it. Bree began freelancing art in 2020 but Little Butten didn't fully come into fruition until February 2022 with the launch of the Deadly collection. 

Little Butten is a combination of all things that make Bree, it's funky. It's vibrant colour palettes, intricate patterns, love, fun, cultural resilience and pride. When working with clients, Bree is able to bring their imaginative visions to life. 

At the core of Little Butten is community, culture and Country. Everything that Little Butten does is for community, through culture and on Country. Aboriginal culture and connection to Country is all about taking what you need; leaving enough for everyone else and giving back when you can. Which is what Little Butten does by donating profits of certain collections to Community initiatives, and donating items to community drives/raffles/events. 

Little Butten currently features Bree as the Founder and artist and is supported by her Mother and Nan (who are non-Indigenous and work under the guidance of Bree). Bree's mum, Connie, works on the logistics and order packing of Little Butten, whilst her nan, Julie, works on the manufacturing and item packaging of Little Butten. 

Previous Projects:

To view a full list of Bree's projects you can check out the blog posts here and to see her artworks you can view them here. Little Butten has worked with: Triple J, Endemolshine, SupportAct, Brisbane Street Art Festival and many more organisations.