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Little Butten

Deadly Snake Diffuser

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These bullet diffusers feature our deadly design and are able to be refilled over and over. We offer four different scents! Japanese Honeysuckle, Brazilian Bum Bum, Gingerbread and Lemongrass and Persian Lime. 

When purchasing, you agree that Little Butten will not be held accountable for improper usage or leakage once this product has been opened. 

Please take extra care when handling your diffuser, the bottles are glass and any small drop can cause hairline cracks which can cause your bottle to break while hanging in your car. Ensure when hanging your bottle you do not allow the bottle to hang loosely causing it to swing around and potentially hit your review mirror.

- For a longer lasting diffuser replace your plastic stopper each time you dampen the lid.
- Remove your diffuser from your review mirror when left in direct sunlight for several hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Leanne Caldow
Deadly snake defuser

Absolutely fantastic in the car nice refreshing smell, Love it.

Alexa D
Works really well

I find this product is very sustainable and works really well. I use it in my car and it adds a fresh smell. I purchased the Brazilian bum bum (I think that’s right) scent and it smells incredible. I also like that it is not single use. Love it!